Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Follow Friday: Exercise Before Knitting

This should have been Friday's post but Blogger's troubles kept me from posting it on time so this week you have a bonus Wednesday Follow Friday!

From Exercise Before Knitting

From About Elinor:

I live with my husband, two kids, and two dogs in Columbus, OH, where I attend medical school at The Ohio State University. Generally speaking, I find “exercise before knitting” a good rule by which to live. I will wash dishes for homegrown tomatoes, sturdy wool, and even sturdier coffee.

I agree with Elinor that exercise before knitting is a great rule. I need to do better about following it myself. Her blog is just as inspiring. It is everything you could want from a knitting blog: fantastic projects, beautiful pictures, great patterns and enviable fibers. If you really want to  appreciate Elinor, look no further than her post on making the most of your yarn. It is a fantastic tutorial on how to use a little bit of math to plan out stripes that will let you use your miscellaneous yarn left overs and look completely intentional.


knitxcore. said...

i never thought about the importance of stretching a little. i usually speed up after about 20 minutes of knitting. if i warmed up, i'd hit the ground running!

Amanda D Allen said...

I'm sure there are some great warm up stretches for knitting!