Friday, September 26, 2008

Peanuts and Crackerjacks

Yesterday was the 2008 Stitch and Pitch at Shea Stadium (the last stitch and pitch at Shea Stadium). Mike and I went to see the Mets v. Cubs, and they gave us a great game. I brought along my new sweater project since my other project is in the section that requires a chart. Mike even brought along the makings for his first garter stitch scarf in case he wanted to fit in. They had a table full of stuff for the stitchers, but it was swarmed by the time I got there. Rumor is I missed getting to meet Debbie Stoller. I did have a famous knitter sighting of the Ravelry Couple (no Bob though).

I guess the game started off bad, with a first inning home run by the Cubs. My knitting kept me happy though. Eventually, it started to rain. It wasn't a heavy game stopping rain. It was just annoying. Mike appropriately described it as someone flicking cold water in your face. I knit though some of it, but eventually my hands got damp. Yarn doesn't flow through damp hands nicely. I was worried about my gauge changing. (One of the downfalls of a no seaming sweater is that if you have to rip something out you lose everything.) It was ok though because I got to pay closer attention to the game. As soon as I got my stuff put up, the Cubs hit another home run with two people on base. It doubled their score and brought them 3 ahead of the Mets. It took a couple innings but the Mets caught up and at the top of the 9th it was 6-6. One of the Cubs broke a bat trying to hit one more out of the park, but we stopped him. What might have been the longest inning of the whole game ended with a walk off win after we finally got a runner home. It was probably the most exciting baseball game I have ever been to.

For your own baseball fun, I insist you listen to this:

This is Matthew McGough telling his story as the Yankee's bat boy from The Moth Podcast. It is a great story for anyone who likes baseball, or anyone who has ever had a first day at a new job. If you listen to podcasts, and The Moth (iTunes link) isn't one of your regulars, I highly recommend it.

Oh Ya! And the knitting I did.

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