Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Little Love for the Homeless and Fuzzy

The majority of my stash is partially used up yarn that I don't have any plans for, yet I can't bear to throw away. I decided that charity knitting like squares for blankets, preemie hats, and whatnot would be a great way to use it up. So I picked up Knitting for Peace for a little guidance and inspiration. Now my first stash busting charity project is done!

This is a snuggle. A snuggle is a blanket for the kennels in an animal shelter. I made it with some left over Baby Bee Sweet Delight. I held together a strand of the Ladybug Ombre and the Soft Licorice. It is just a garter stitch square, and I added an i-cord border because I wanted to practice the technique before I dove in on a baby blanket. Mine turned out to be just over 17" square, so I may be given to a small dog who is stuck in a cold cell.

This was a great project for when I was sitting at my computer playing video games or just too tired to really concentrate on anything. I could easily pick it up and put it down whenever I wanted, and I didn't fret over any mistakes because the animals aren't going to notice. You can learn more about the Snuggles Project from their website. They also have a listing of shelters currently in need of snuggles.

My yarn arrived for the baby blanket so I'm going to go cast on. Since Rent closed last weekend I think I'll pop it in the dvd player to have my own little good bye viewing.

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