Monday, September 15, 2008

Big on Blankets

Because of a time crunch I am working exclusively and almost constantly on the baby blanket. As I predicted it has slowed way down now that it is over 200 stitches per round. It is no worry though because this pattern is a ton of fun to watch grow. Even though I am less than half way done with it, I've already noticed a lack of the 'is there enough yarn' pressure that I find a little bit of in every project I do. No matter how many extra balls I have, every time I finish one ball and add another, there is a little voice in my head sharing with me how much time I will have wasted if I run out of yarn. This blanket is going to be a square. It started out as a square and it is currently a square. If I run out of yarn I can just stop and no one will be the wiser. The voice is still there a little bit, but I'm not worried because I have a plan. Even if I completely messed up on my yardage and I don't have enough to cover a baby, I could just add a quirky band of color in the middle while reinforcements arrive. (Don't worry. I have plenty of yarn and I'm not going to need any more to get the project done. The voice just keeps me awake at night sometimes so plans have to be made to prove to her that I know what I'm doing. ;) )

In other blanket news, almost a year ago I received a blanket in the mail. Well, it was the beginning of a blanket anyway. I added my little part and sent it on. Now it has made its way back to the original knitter and is almost finished! You can still see my part, it is that light yellow bit on the left side. She is going to add on one last section and maybe a border. Then, off to charity it will go. When it is done, I'll update with where we sent it.

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