Monday, September 22, 2008

The End

I am finished with OpArt. All the ends are sewn in and it is soaking right now. Normally, with baby stuff, I just throw it in the washer and dryer and present it in the same state as it should be in coming out of the mom's dryer. This particular blanket is special though. I knew when I started, that it was going to need wet blocking after I finished, so instead of doing the norm, I am soaking it and blocking it.This picture is what it looks like unblocked. I don't mind blocking at all, I'm just a little worried that the corners might start curling up again after it gets washed. The plan is to be firm with it and show it how happy it can be as a square.

I'm also finished with Treasure Island, and I haven't decided what book to listen to next. I seem to be hit or miss lately with how much I like the books I pick. I was disappointed with both The Life of Pi and The Alchemist despite all of their positive reviews. I've been wondering if I didn't enjoy them as much as the critics because of the fact that I listened instead of reading. Audio books inspire a fairly different relationship, because I am always multi-tasking when I listen to them. I could be doing the dishes, riding the train, or just knitting garter stitch. Either way, I am not quite as committed. On the other hand, when I listened to A Connecticut Yankee in King Aurthur's Court and found it absolutely hilarious and entertaining. I've also had great luck with Twilight, Dracula, and American Gods.

So here are the books I'm thinking about:
Eve's Diary
The Prince and the Pauper (clearly I've gotten excited about Twain's humor)
The Cricket on the Hearth (in hopes that I continue to have luck with the classics)
Anansi Boys (I love Neil Gaiman, but I'm starting to worry that if I work though his stuff too fast, I'll have nothing left)
New Moon (The first one was light and entertaining. I enjoyed it just fine as an audio book)
One For the Money (a friend of mine has been recommending this series to me for over a year. I have no idea if I'll like it, because I haven't read a mystery novel since The Boxcar Children)

What do you think? Is there something else that I should definitely be listening too instead?

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