Monday, November 24, 2008

Pretty Pretty Pictures

All of last weeks running around helped Hubby come to a realization. He is already jealous of the warm fingers that I am going to have during Thursday's parade. I tried really hard not to have any last minute holiday knitting, and despite celebrating Christmas early I thought I was successful. That was silly thinking. Hubby is now in need of his own gloves instead of socks by the end of December, he is going to be getting (if the knitting deities allow) Broad Street Mittens by the end of the week. I started them last Thursday night so I could take them on my errands and what not Friday. On a long trip back from Queens I did my first subway knitting and finished the first cuff. This weekend I finished the first glove minus the mitten cap. I've moved on to the second glove and I'll do both the mitten caps after that just in case time runs out. I think two fingerless gloves will be better than one full mitten. I was going to take pictures today to share, but my new Interweave Knits arrived and by the time I pulled my nose out of it, the sunlight was gone. I don't want to leave you with out any pretty knitting though so here are pictures from some of the projects that I am excited about.

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Lupie said...

I made a two pair of mittens like this. They were called magical mittens. I used snaps instead of buttons or velcro and it worked very well. I am working on a third pair along with 5 other projects!
The months Interweave has so many great projects. I wish I had time to try them all.