Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Vote is In

Things have been pretty great around here. On Halloween we decided to skip the plethora of parties at the Hoboken bars, and take it easy in the city instead. We went to Chelsea for dinner and a movie. It was a great place just to walk around and see everybody on their way to parties. I think I could have happily just rode the subway around the city for the evening just to see the costumes coming and going.

Today we headed out to vote and had a wonderful experience. Everything was organized, everyone was friendly, and there was no line to wait in. Three cheers for West New York! Hopefully you've gotten your civic duty/responsibilities taken care of. If not there is still time. I'm not the motivational speaker Sam is though, so I'll let him reinvigorate your love for this country and inspire you to vote. (That, and I seem to be on a YouTube kick.)

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