Thursday, November 6, 2008


We've all been there. Someone shares a link with you and the next thing you know, your entire day is gone and you have no reasonable explanation. I've lost absurd amounts of time to bouncing penguins, filling rice bowls, learning the meanings of baby names and searching though public domain books. Even worse, were my first encounters with YouTube, Facebook, and Ravelry. Today, Erin over at A Dress A Day shared one of those links.

What she shared is a blog that has top ten lists of blogs. There you can easily check out the top 10 blogs on technology in education, top 10 mental health blogs, top 10 blogs for frugal living, top 10 celebrity blogs. Of course there are 10 popular knitting blogs, and 10 more popular knitting blogs (because knitters never really do fit into the same boxes as everyone else do they). I looked at blogs on a least a dozen different topics, and hours of my day vanished just like that. Unfortunately, I have set up my web browser so that I can easily click a button and subscribe to an rss feed. I lost track after the third top ten list how many blogs I subscribed to today. Now I have some how committed an unknown amount of my future time to this link even though I've vowed that I won't click on it again for at least a month. I imagine I'll get some great stuff out of it, but I predict a huge rss feed culling in the near future.

Check it out. Not because I want to condemn you to the same time sink, but because I want to hear what cool new blogs you found.


Mindy said...

Oh you are evil! You drew me in. As if Ravelry doesn't take up way too much of my time. If I'm not reading the forums, I'm snooping through friends of friends of friends' activities. I may have to install a device in my computer that regulates my browsing time. I need someone to set parental controls on me!

Amanda D Allen said...

I'm sorry :P. Hopefully you found something fantastic or inspiring so you can make the most out of your newly restricted internet time