Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Comic Book Day!

From Marvel
X-23 #12
I have a severe lack of Marvel Comics in my regular reading list. I've been told that DC is more my style, and it seems to have just worked out that way. I read the X-23 comics because I like the X-Men but they intimidate me. I don't know who any of the current X-Men are and I don't know the differences between the Uncanny and the Ultimate. I don't know who the X-Force is or who's side Wolverine is on. With X-23 I feel like I've got a handle on things. I just need to know who she is and everyone else gets some sort of little introduction (or isn't going to be around long enough to worry about.) Right now I get to follow X-23, Jubilee, Wolverine and Gambit. If I want to learn about what is going on with everyone else I could just pick up a book and dive in. I just don't feel ready for it, and I like X-23.

From Marvel
Osma of Oz #8
I think I am going to skip this one this week. These comics are  a retelling of Baum's stories. I confess that I've had a couple creepy flashbacks to Return to Oz scenes that I had suppressed. They are still great stories and I love the art in these comics so it is going to be really hard to resist this one. This is number 8 of 8 and so far, I've only read 2 others. I think that if I wait a little bit I can just buy the full trade that includes all of them instead trying to hunt down the first 5. I am really looking forward to reading this, but I am going to try to hold out.

From DC Comics
Flashpoint: Abin Sur - The Green Lantern #2
I talked last week about how much I liked the Green Lantern Corps. Hal Jordan didn't really give me what I was looking for. Abin Sur has a lot of promise, but if I #2, I am going to have to pick up #1. I don't know much about the Green Lanterns, but what I do know is that Abin Sur is dead. I won't be able to just jump in here without figuring out what's going on. I am also kind of worried that picking up another Flashpoint title will pull me deeper into the event. I'm sure that will make DC happy, but so far I've only gotten a couple of them (Wonder Woman and Lois Lane) The stories were related, and as intended they make me want to buy Aquaman. Abin Sur hasn't been in any of the Flaspoint stories I've read so far, so I'm guessing he's been caught up in some others. If I get this, is it going to make me want to buy bunch more? Probably. If that is the case, it will be that much longer that I put off reading the X-Men.

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