Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comic Book Day

Today really has too much tempting stuff.

From Dark Horse
Dollhouse: Epitaphs #1
Hubby and I just finished watching Dollhouse last weekend. We enjoyed the first season so much, that I picked up the one-shot that was released before we even started season two. I read through it the same night that we finished the show, and of course it ended with the announcement of this comic coming out. Now I have to decide if I want to keep going with it. I really don't think I am going to. I liked the show, but I think that if I am going to start reading a regular comic based on a show that I enjoy I would probably have more fun with Firefly or Farscape. That is not taking into account how much I am going to love Buffy and Angel when I get around to watching them.

From DC Comics
Batgirl #23
Batgirl is one of the regulars that I've been reading for a few months. I am a big fan of Oracle and Stephanie is growing on me. I am really interested/anxious about DC's changes to Batgirl with the reboot that is coming in a couple months so I want to keep following the story until then.

From DC Comics
Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #2
I've been reading just a few of the Flashpoint comics and the Wonder Woman one made me consider picking up the Aquaman one. I don't think I'd get much new information from it, but rather a different viewpoint. I am a huge fan of different viewpoint stories, so I have no doubt that I'd enjoy following this story via Atlantis. This is number 2 in the series so I'd need to pick up #1 as well. I think I am going to just run into not wanting to spend that much on my comics this week. Maybe I'll pick it up later, but I think I am going to skip it for now.

From DC Comics
Birds of Prey #14
Birds of Prey is another one of my regulars. I don't know who Phantom Lady is so it will be nice to meet her, and I am looking forward to Lady Blackhawk being front and center for a bit. I haven't learned much about her since I've started these comics. Of course this is another outlet for Oracle information. I think the Birds of Prey team might be changing up a bit with the DC reboot so maybe I'll see some of that played out in these final issues.

From Marvel
Captain America #1
I've become known as Captain America Lady at my comic book store and I know that they will pull this comic for me. I haven't been following the Fear Itself story with the Captain, so i know that I've been missing some important stuff even though the guys at my store are doing their best. I think that some big changes from Fear Itself is setting up this story. If that's the case, I'll be happy to finally be getting into the flow of the story after all of my previous attempts. If this is another origin story book, then I am going to be a little disappointed. Over the past few months I went from knowing nothing to knowing the origin story and nothing current. I've got my fingers crossed for this one.

From DC Comics
Green Lantern # 67 and Green Lantern Corps #61
I want to read Green Lantern and two new comics are coming out this week. My problem is that I don't want to buy any more comics this week. Diving in here means I'll be wanting to pick these up every month. This week at least I think I can skip Green Lantern #67. It seems like a large story is wrapping up here. Since I haven't read the story I'm going to skip the wrap up. I'll keep my fingers crossed that when they start up something new it falls on a week where I don't have so much that I already want to buy. Green Lantern Corps #61 is more difficult. It sounds like they are picking up at the end of whatever is happening in #67. I just might be able to figure out #67 from #61. But really shouldn't I just get them both? That would be the way to get up to speed with the Green Lanterns.

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