Sunday, July 17, 2011

WIP: Growing Flock

Growing Flock
My flock hasn't gotten much attention lately but my time table has been pushed way up. Fortunately these birds are quick little knits. I only have two more before I start the branches and leaves. I've found the best way to get work done on these is to carry all of my supplies for the project around in one bag. It really is more than I need for any bit of knitting, but these work up so quickly that it is only a bit of knitting before I am changing colors or sewing up a new piece. I feel like I'm carrying around an ridiculous amount, but I am not getting stuck with nothing to do after 10 minutes of knitting. No hangups means progress continues. Now on to the next one, with a green tail, and maybe yellow stripes.


Lupie said...

They would make a beautiful crib mobile.

Amanda D Allen said...

Thank you! I've been enjoying them, though I clearly still haven't mastered the jogless stripe.