Thursday, July 7, 2011

Queued: BYOB

From Knitty
Who doesn't need more bags? When I lived in Arkansas reusable bags weren't too hard because I could just keep them in my trunk. Since moving to NYC they have become a bit harder to remember to bring along but also vital. I don't need to tell you all the green and eco-friendly reasons why reusable bags are great. the reason I love think they are vital is because of pain of plastic. I walk home from the grocery store, but even those of you who just walk to the parking lot know how quickly that plastic bag starts cutting into your hand. It becomes miserable really fast. Hand knit or not, reusable bags are so much nicer to carry.

Knitty, in its infinite awesomeness, has this great BYOB pattern by Moira Ravenscroft. I think this bag is cute. I can see it being great for both shopping and the beach. A couple times I've even considered making it as a gift for the loved ones in my life who don't appreciate actually wearing my knit goods.


Lupie said...

I have wanted to make this bag for awhile. I think one is going on the needs.

Lupie said...

On the needles
I'm watching Big Brother while commenting.

Lina said...

Very cute bags! I use Baggu bags as they fold up so small that I always can carry one in my purse. But these are much cuter than Baggu ones... I think they would be great for the beach too. :)

Amanda D Allen said...

Lupie, I'd love to see yours! I think this one will be good because of the handles too. The one bag I've knit had handles too long. I had to rip them out and make them shorter. I like the look of these because they are short and because of how they are incorporated into the body of the bag. Instead of being added on post bind off. I think that will help the bag be more open.

Amanda D Allen said...

I see the baggu bags all the time and think they are a great idea, I've just never gotten around to buying any. None of my bags fold up so nicely. They are mostly swag totes from random conferences ;).