Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Comicbook Day!

I've been debating lately about continuing my comic book purchases. I've been thinking about stopping all together, but the reason is because I'm having too much fun. I started buying comics almost a year ago. At the time I thought it would be just a few bucks every week and it would be a fun little diversion. I was having trouble picking out one comic a week to take home. Now everything is different. I am caught up in a bunch of stories, I have opinions about artists and DC's reboot and every week I look at my growing list of comics to buy and briefly consider how much yarn money they equal. So to help me make this decision, I've decided to write a bit about the books I'm planning to pick up. I hope this will help me sort out how much I am really enjoying them and how much I really want to keep getting them.

From DC Comics
Wonder Woman #612
I started with Wonder Woman #601. I'm pretty sure I was the target audience for the renumbering and the new outfit. I am fine with that. It worked and I'm hooked. I'll be sticking with her, pants or swimsuit, to see who she is going to become.

From Image Comics
Super Dinosaur #3
If you remember my geek out love fest for Axe Cop, then it will not be hard to understand why Super Dinosaur appeals to me. It is much more kid oriented than most of what I read, but that is why I love it. I wouldn't mind a dinosaur best friend. (Especially if he was able to overcome that tiny arms dilemma.)

From Marvel
Captain America: First Vengeance #4
This is the final in the four book introduction to the Captain America that we should all expect to see in the movie. I picked a bad (though everyone else says good) time to get interested in Captain America. Completely oblivious of the movie, I decided to look into him and ended up reading what seems like a half a dozen different versions of the same origin story. (None of which gave me any clue to what is happening in the  main story line or any explanation of why the Avengers have abandoned Bucky in the Gulag.) This has been my favorite. It has gotten me excited about the movie and the character so I don't want to miss out on the final book.

From DC Comics
Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #1
Hal here is my one half-hearted purchase this week. I haven't read any Green Lantern at all. Hubby and I went to see the movie this weekend. It wasn't a great movie, and Hal isn't  my favorite hero, but based on this movie alone the Green Lantern Corps, may be my favorite group of do-gooders ever. I am completely sold on the concept of the Green Lantern. I really like the energy of will foundation for their powers (though I probably would have happily accepted them when it was just magic) and I love the creative potential of what they can do. They can bash in faces when necessary, but there seems to be a huge opportunity for unique problem solving approaches with their powers. When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail, so I understand that when you have just one super power (or basic set) then that is what you use to solve every problem. The power that the Green Lanterns have is to create anything that they can imagine. That sounds awesome! It also sounds like it has a huge potential to disappoint me, but I haven't been disappointed with most of the comics that I've read so far. I'm keeping the faith and since Flash Point is the big summer event I'll happily use it as my gateway to Oa.

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