Sunday, April 4, 2010

Owen's Blanket: Part 1

The Plan

When I decide I want to give a hand knit gift to someone, Hubby gets involved in the planning stage. Usually this means helping pick out the pattern or choosing colors. This time he had a much bigger job.

We had a starting point though: colors. I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. When I saw my beautiful mint green dress with golden sash, I just thought about how great it was going to look with my red hair. It wasn't until we were tossing around a football outside the Packer hall of fame in our formal wear that it really sunk in that I was wearing green and gold. Since they had decided to theme their big day with the wedding versions of Packer colors, I decided that this blanket needed the baby version.

So, Hubby and I sat down with Ravelry and looked for some blanket patterns that would work well with two (green and yellow) or three (green, yellow, and white) colors. Our honorable mentions were: Curve of Pursuit, Ribbons Baby Blanket, Carseat Blanket, Baby Shane Blanket, Mirbeau Slip Stitch Baby Blanket, Pathways Blanket (Rav Link), Apple Core Blanket (Rav Link), Amazement and Spinning a Yarn. The winner was Mitered Square Blanket (Rav Link) from Mason Dixon Knitting. It was the beautiful blankets made by ShinKitten (Rav Link) and Fuzzynoddleknits that really inspired our final decision.

We had a pattern and colors picked out; now it was time for the design. The plan was for Hubby to design the blanket, but I wanted to set him up so it would be as easy as possible for him to both create the design and convey the design to me. I made him some little tiles that looked like the squares I could make and asked him to have at it.


We both felt it was too busy, so Hubby decided to do things his way and hopped on the computer. Doing what he does best, he came up with these designs.



DrChopSuey said...

That is great that your hubby designs the project with you! I love it! And I can't wait to see the finished blanket!!

Amanda D Allen said...

I love that Hubby gets involved. He always has such great ideas. He just seems to want me to knit faster to make sure they all get made.

Worsted Knitt said...

I love how you work together on a project like that! His designs look great too.