Tuesday, September 6, 2011


After knitting dice bags for Hubby and a couple friends, I finally have a reason to make a dice bag for myself. This weekend I went to my first DnD game. Of course, I couldn't go unaccessorized! I couldn't  decide what I wanted so Hubby started one for me with the self-striping yarn that was left over from Syndey's leg warmers. Because of my impatience, I had to take over and I finished it.

I love my sparkly dice! 

Inspired by Hubby's stripes and Being Elmo, I knew exactly what I wanted for my polyhedrals.

Ernie Bag

Look familiar? You get 100 cool points from me if you immediately thought of this guy:

From Sesame Street

I did much better with my jogless stripe on this bag than my birds. I think that the stripes on the birds were just a bit too thin for the jogless technique that I was trying to use. It worked much better on the wider blue and red stripes here. These little bags are a great way to practice new techniques. I love them. I'll have to come up with an excuse to make some more. Now I just need to resist the urge to buy some primary colored dice that match my bag. Maybe I need one that looks like Bert. Vertical stripes would be a good thing to learn.


Kitsune said...

If you need an excuse, just start an Etsy shop. That's my excuse for half the things I knit.

Amanda D Allen said...

Hubby has been saying that too. I don't know why I've been reluctant. A little extra yarn money never hurt anyone.