Sunday, May 24, 2009


The end of our lease (and probably some burnout on my part because of the job and the 3-4hours of daily commute) has inspired us to do some apartment hunting and move to Brooklyn. I must say I found the whole process very pressuring and stressful, but I believe it was the thought of moving (and soon) that kept me sane during the crazy deadline packed week I just finished. On Wednesday we saw an apartment that was wonderful, but the community was not quite what we were looking for.

On Friday we set up a meeting with a broker to look at a neighborhood right next to my college, but he never showed up. It was probably for the best though because he kept putting off showing us the apartment we wanted to see and was actually having us meet him in a different neighborhood all together.

Determined not to waste the time we had set aside for hunting, we called on an apartment that I found on Craigslist. There was no answer, but we decided to walk over and check out that neighborhood in case we could get an appointment for this weekend. we loved what we saw Friday night, and made an appointment with the broker for Saturday. I think we have a place picked out. Nothing is finalized because we have to do the credit checks and so forth, but the broker seems pretty confident that this one will be ours.

So let me share it with you....

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I don't have any pictures of the actual apartment. The residents were still living there when we went to see it, and I felt that Mike's measurements were enough. We didn't need to be intrusive by photographing their mid-packing chaos.

As you can see from the map the entrance is on the center of the block, so we have to walk down and around the corner to do anything. Let me show you what is down and around the corner...

If we go East and turn the corner there, we come to the subway stop that will take me right to work and
The Brooklyn Museum.

If we go West and around the corner we come to the entrance for the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and
Brooklyn Public Library. This picture is from Friday night. On Saturday this area was filled with umbrella covered tables for reading in the shade and a little coffee/ice cream stand.

If we continue West past the library there is Prospect Park and a Saturday farmer's market that is year round, and
Grand Army Plaza. The area is also full of restaurants, shops, and incredibly beautiful brownstones.


LoveANewIdea said...

This is so exciting! Looking forward to hearing about your move!

SimonNewell said...

A couple of blocks off Frederick Law Olmsted's Prospect Park? Sounds fantastic. ~ Phil

Jo said...

It sounds like you found a great place. Congratulations!

Jenn said...

Awesome! Best of luck to you :)

Luanda said...

What a pretty area! Good luck with your move!

Karen said...

Found your blog on Ravelry! Hey, your move sounds great. No down side--especially after your loooong commute! Good luck!