Sunday, April 12, 2009


One of my favorite people in the whole world is (predictably) a complete goofball. One of the things that I absolutely love about him, is that he still loves to dress up in costumes for Halloween (or really any occasion he can use). Off the top of my head, I can recall seeing him as Jason, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, and a Jedi (because it is no fun to always be on the same side). I've seen him come up with his own super heroes to dress as, and most recently he was a Ghostbuster. So, when I saw this pattern, I knew that I had to make it, and Chris had to have it.

When he and his wife Katy announced that they were having a baby, I got to work right away. I wanted to make them something beautiful and practical and filled with my love for the two of them. I dug into my stash for the most beautiful colors I could find, and made them a diaper pad/seat cover. As soon as I had it finished, they let me know they were having a boy. I immediately took this as a sign that I need to break my yarn diet and get everything necessary to make their son a Yoda costume.

Here you can see it being modeled by one of my teddy bears since Charlie Edward Tripp has arrived yet. (Though if my count is correct, the big day should be coming soon.) This set was so much fun to make, and very simple. The only thing I am worried about, is that I don't really have any baby around for size references. I really have no idea if the hat and the robe are going to fit him at the same time. I am completely relying on the 'wrap' structure of the robe to allow it to be worn for a big enough range of time that it will fit whenever the hat does. If it doesn't I could always make another one in a better size, but for that, I'll have to wait for the time to come.

Since my friend is a great photographer, I am hoping for some cute shots of this FO on Charlie when it fits (HINT*HINT*). And finally, I have to say this: Katy, I'm very sorry if you were not wanting to be Princess Leia for Halloween this year, but please let me know if you need some help with the costume.

Ears are not stiffened in this picture
Pattern: Felted Baby Yoda Hat by Sunshyne Leland
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Avacado
Needles: US 11 (8.0mm)
Notes: No alterations or changes

Pattern: Baby Yoda Sweater by Cari Luna (PDF)
Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Cashew
Needles: US 7 (4.5 mm)
Notes: No alterations or changes.


LoveANewIdea said...

Very clever...can't wait to read the post from when the baby actually wears it!

Mundane Jane said...

I was going to get on here and leave a comment, just for reference's sake, that your friend Muffin Uptown's head measured 21 inches when she was born--but after a quick google search I can see that she would have had a MONSTER head, were that the case.

Crap. I've misremembered the size of my own kid's head.

Which is weird, when you stop to consider that I sorta have reason to remember that particular measurement.

Christopher Tripp said...