Friday, February 28, 2014

Queued: Treasured Heirloom Baby Blanket

I don’t have a FO for this Friday, so instead I’ll share with you a Queued. 
My new knitting group has been driving a lot of my Queue additions lately. NYU has a wonderful knit/crochet group that is making an incredible number of charity projects. Just look at this baby blanket hall from last year-
They provide all the yarn, and we donate whatever we make. My Queue has been exploding with hats, scarves, blankets and anything that fits into their year-long charity goals. We’ve been doing baby blankets since I joined and I am lagging behind the super fast crocheters that make up most of the group. Today’s Queued is what I hope will be an interesting but quick knit that can help me catch up (even though there is no quota or competition among any of them I feel behind.)
(image source - membership free but log-in required)
This is a diagonal knit square blanket with alternating garter stitch and lace panels. This is a free pattern from Lion Brand while it is written to stop each panel at a certain stitch count, I think I am going to make adjustments and do the panels based on row count. That way I can use any weight yarn  and I’ll just switch from increasing to decreasing when I hit 5.6’ across (Wolfram/Alpha helped me figure that out.) I love this plan because it also means no swatching! I have two other charity blankets on the needles to work through first, but my goal is to get this one into the mix too.
Have you knit any charity blankets? What are your favorite patterns.

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